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I have always been a HUGE fan of sports and the stories behind the athletes. I wanted to figure out a way to bring the history of the story to light. I came up with a concept to develop Wearable Art. I was able through very hard work and dedication to bring to life the images that I was so amazed by. 

I dedicated 3 years from 2008 to 2011 to Mastering my craft. I call it Kanye’ing it where I spent those 3 years in a studio in Upstate New York and just worked and created day after day Night after Night. 

Now truly 20 years into the art world I have been able to create timeless pieces of art that people can now wear and show off their own creativity. All of my pieces no matter how similar they appear are all one of a kind which gives full appreciation to the piece as art is supposed to do. 

Graduated in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. I have been a collector of sneakers for over 15 years. Started with used pairs and moved up to making my own by hand. Sneaker restoration was important to me due to the lack of funding to buy new things. My inspiration started as a kid and grew with me to become a true sneaker lover and collector. I have worked with companies like PlayStation and EA sports within their marketing team and have used that experience to elevate my skill for playing the game and demonstrating the importance of the market. It is my passion right now to bridge Web2 and Web3 through Gaming, Garment, Sneakers, and Community.

"We find the light in the path that goes dark" 


I've been known as a multidisciplinary Artist and Entrepreneur working alongside Big and Small brands and organizations contributing my skills and talent via ideas, creative writing, social media marketing, design, story-telling (content creation), song-writing, research and data analysis, brand strategy, and execution. My passion for creation fuels my purpose in creating for others. 

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