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All American Kobe 96

Project Type

Cut & Sew Wearable Art Collection


Nov 2021


Greatness Was When Showroom


Lead Design

The Kobe Bryant All- American 96 Collection consist of various types of work. From designer sneakers to a full collection of 1 of a kind t-shirts. The Collection is to pay tribute to Kobe being the number 1 player in the country in 1996 and leading his team to 2 State Titles. The artwork is in the Lower Merion colorway with some addition white and athletic grey pieces.
Each piece depicts various imagery of the young HS phenom.
One pair of sneakers is a hand painted mixed matched colorway showcasing a home and away side as the young Bean Bryant gracefully floats over the top in pure essence. On one side dribbling on a fast break to the other side gliding through the air for a layup which he more than likely made. On the tongues are a front and a back of a jersey with a Home with the back reading Bryant and the away Lower Merion in angelic white.
On the shirts its a depiction of the American flag with a newspaper article cutout about Kobe and what the future would hold for a youthful Lower Merion Basketball team. Highlighting Kobe. In front of the are images from a SLAM magazine article photoshoot that Kobe did where he had various dunk in which he displayed for the camera.
Joining on another garment is Kobe's high school Banner with his points score and retired number. Accompanying the shirt is also a gametime image of Kobe flying through the air for yet another layup in a home jersey.