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Wearable Art garment


February 2022

Project type

Compilation project

Arguably one of the top 5 NBA players of all time Kobe Bryant had two careers within a 20 year career. As number 8 he was an electrifying young athlete with a world of potential. Winning 3 Championships with fellow sidekick Shaquille O'Neal. Kobe has some of the most amazing showcases of athleticism and mind blowing games.
As the 2nd half of his career he became 24 and that was the start of the Black Mamba, an alter ego that switched on with killer instinct during gametime. This form of Kobe had an enhanced level of skill and knowledge of the game of basketball which ultimately propelled
him to 2 more Championships to complete his career with 5.

These pieces represented in this collection are representation of the two careers of Kobe Bryant. From jackets to sweatshirts each piece is donned with Laker Gold or Laker Purple colors and some amazing graphics of his career. While not all of the highlights Kobe was known for these images give a detailed look into the world of the Black Mamba.

A double pair of 1 of a kind sneakers which represent both sides of his career are of the young Kobe and the older more mature Black Mamba. These sneakers are uniquely built from scratch by a team of people who were able to bring some amazing features to life. From the two home and away jerseys on the tongues of both numbers. To the career in collage form on the insoles, or the hand stitched pieces stitched to the medial side of the sneakers. Or perhaps the most amazing part of the sneakers is the clear soles which show a number 8 and 24 and also read LAKERS. The soles were taken off and replaced.