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MIKE (23)


Oct 2019

A fascinating combination of MJ throughout the years. This wood carving accurately named MIKE showcases sublimated images of the GOAT.
With his gravity defying moves depicted in the imagery the wood carving is donned with a few signature moves of Jordan.
Each of the 4 cut & sew images are depicted with the first 4 signature sneakers of Jordan brand 1's through 4's. In the middle is an enlarged figure of him with a signature hands tugging his shorts during gametime. Wearing his famed Jordan 3's with the first ever cement look this piece of artwork goes all out with detail depicting almost every kid in the 90's basketball hero in the most amazing imagery and its full fabric gives it a legit hands-on approach in making it interactive with the viewer.

This Collection has two beautifully designed Varsity Jackets. 1 Fully white Antiquated Satin jacket and 1 Cotton 2-toned.

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