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Aaron Judge/ Roger Maris New York Yankee Window

In the early years of baseball Babe Ruth was the Home Run King until Roger Maris, a young talented player traded to the Yankees beat the record set by the Great Bambino, Maris became the A.L. Home Run Leader for 61 years! His long-standing record was then broken in 2022 by fellow Yankee Aaron Judge. Aaron hit 61 to tie Maris but was un-able to break his record for several games. Hitting 1 last home run in the last series against the Texas Rangers.

On Oct 2, we were granted with the opportunity to create a window Mural honoring Judge and his accomplishment. The window sat outside of the Garment District Alliance entryway. Depicted in the window were several unique Yankee memorabilia items. From the hand carved Corkboard Yankee logo and Gold plated 61, to the NY skyline cutout overlooking Yankee Greats!!

Greats like Mickey Mantle on a Yankee blue and white varsity jacket with the classic pennant years so carefully stitched to the left arm. And then there is arguably the Greatest Yankee of them all the "Captain" Derek Jeter making a routine yet spectacular play while all 5 of his World Series Championships are surrounding him.

On the Turf is a full Yankee Blue varsity with The Yankee logo in a Cement style fabric setting. To the right side is a Roger Maris custom T shirt baseball card, with a background of Maris's epic Home Run in 1961 to reach 61 Home Runs and beat Babe Ruth for the All-Time Record for the League.

To the left there is an Aaron Judge custom baseball card T of his 61st home run against the Toronto Blue Jays. This Custom Card has a background image of Roger Maris holding his HR baseball and 61 Jersey. These Cards are uniquely designed for the representation of Past to Present!

On the wall we have a silhouette of Maris above his golden 61 and along with another Custom Babe Ruth Baseball card t-shirt. Overlooking to the left is a fully stitched 4ft Aaron Judge onlooking his 61st home run. Judge is made of multi fabrics from his stretch cotton skin to his denim batting gloves. His uniform is full sweatshirt cotton overlapped by his Yankee blue canvas belt.
A carefully detail Judge is made up of multiple suede colors and his bat is made and stitched fully of dress shirt cotton. His shoes are diamond velvet with a black sole and a suede kickup of diamond dirt. The Legendary Yankee helmet donning the ever-Famous Yankee NY logo is a perfect Yankee blue canvas that gives way to Judge focused on the magical hoe Run he dreamed about to tie Maris's record.

This project overall was the first Aaron Judge mural to touch New York City to pay homage to the moment! We will forever be grateful for the opportunity.

Thank you to PlugdIn x Kirk Lightburn x The Garment District Alliance for helping make this possible. Thank you to Harlem CLX x Fly Label Chill x Mega Dream for all of your help in the Project.

Thank you to all of the GWW Collectors for allowing us to borrow back pieces for this window. The Scott's x T Rahatt

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October 2022


Garment District Alliance NYC

Project type

Celebration - Fabric Art and wearable art designer window

Judge x Maris NYC Window

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