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Nick Cannon / Bungee Obliceni Sneakers Customs

As part of an ongoing promotion we were able to work with Bungee Obliceni on a 2 custom sneakers from the international brands release for a Good Day Philadelphia Special.
We had a chance to create artwork on 2 signature sneakers. 1 showcasing the N(credible) logo on a pair of Obliveni........and the other a full on GWW masterpiece of Nick Cannon himself on a pair with the Philadelphia Love sign made out of StingRay and the insoles a tribute to the Lupus foundation as that is something Nick himself deals with. On the back of the sneakers is the Good Day Philadelphia logo to compliment the moment. Nick was doing a campaign and appearance on several.of the Gpod Day shows to promise a promotional tour and Bungee was privileged to be able to present a gift to the actor slash Television host.

Custom Sneaker Work

Exotic material on an overlay of a branded Bungee Sneaker


March 2021

Nick Cannon Good Day Philadelphia

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