Nipsey Hussle Black and Cream Chuck Taylors

“The highest human act is to Inspire! And we all are in search of Inspiration everyday, opportunities to inspire or be inspired is what creates Movement...”

From indisputable force in West Coast rap to maniacal disruptive thinker, the inspiring evolution of Nipsey Hussle is no less than the Marathon he traveled to modern-day cultural icon. Hailing from the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Los Angeles, Naybahood ‘Nip’ became an established presence devoted to community activism and philanthropy, waving his blue flags of freedom and financial independence.

Adopting the All Money In mentality, our customized kicks pay homage to the Crenshaw and Slauson native from the Converse base to checkered flag laces. Taking an old-fashioned All-Star canvas as our starting point, each shoe tells the Shakespearean story of Nipsey’s Victory Lap. Masterfully stitched, the left shoe reimagines the certified platinum album cover detailing one of the biggest influences in West Coast rap. So long as The Marathon Continues, so does his checkered black flag-making wave across the opposite side panel. Both shoes consciously cloaked, each rear tab weaves Victory and Lap respectively in red velvety lettering.

Taking over the right shoe side panel, Nip Tha Great’s Christ-like characteristics are on full display adorned in a crown of thorns barefaced in his symbolic “Prolific” and “God Will Rise'' tattooed facial features. Not to be outdone by the left shoe, our opposite side panel dons his trademark All Money In insignia draped in double black and white python. Adding the final touch to these quintessential kicks, our insoles capture his blue flag past while quoting his almost foreseeable future, “the highest human act is to inspire! …”.

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