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New York City’s official celebration of design runs May 10-20, 2022 with NYCxDESIGN’s 10th Anniversary Festival. The annual event attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe that make the trip to experience the very best in design at all scales and disciplines. As an international design capital, all five of NYC’s boroughs will play host to activations, tours, exhibits, talks, workshops, and films taking place at museums, schools, neighborhoods, galleries, restaurants and hotels and the neighborhood of Harlem is no exception.

Richard E. Pelzer II, Founder of HarlemCLX, (CLX is an acronym for Create, Learn, Experience) has curated the busiest day of the week in Harlem, Sunday to showcase the designs & designers while showcasing the creative talent pool living and working in the neighborhood of Harlem. For over 100 years, the element of boundless creativity has percolated throughout Harlem and now, the entire world has the chance to experience for the next 100 years.

“Community Is Our SuperPOWER and as we come out of this pandemic, we are in need of beauty, connection, inspiration, love and determination”, says Richard E. Pelzer II. “Highlighting Design & Cultural Sunday Harlem during the 10th Anniversary of NYCxDesign Festival gives the entire community an opportunity to celebrate its beauty, history, culture and community. We are looking forward to the future and designing the community we want to live in, Harlem is the culture center of America and the soul of the world”.

Highlights include:

2:00-5:00 PM

Harlem Haberdashery

(Shopping / Open To The Public)

245 Malcolm X Blvd

(Between 121st x 122nd Street on the downtown side)

New York, NY 10027


Mello, Chief Product Architect of Greatness Was When...!

Special 'Design x Cultural Harlem Sunday' Drinks prepared by Habanero Papi


Lychee, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Pineapple, Lemon

With Choice of HH Bespoke Rum, Vodka or Gin.

“Build You Up”

HH Bespoke Gin, Cucumber, Lime, Lavender, Soda

Create, Learn & Xperience Watch Here Courtesy of Harlem Parade:

2:00-5:00 PM

NiLu Harlem's Gift Shop

(Shopping / Open To The Public)

191 245 Malcolm X Blvd

(Between 119th & 120th Street on the downtown side)

New York, NY 10026


Tamecca Seril, Founder of FOLKUS Brand

Create, Learn & Xperience Watch Here:

3:00-6:00 PM

Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center

(Tour / Art Exhibit Experience / Open To The Public)

104 Malcolm X Blvd

(Between 115th & 116th Street on the uptown side)

New York, NY 10026


Neal Shoemaker, Founder of Harlem Heritage Tourism and Cultural Center

Sugar Hill Creamery Ice Cream Dessert

Immigrants Are Us The (G) Project

Create, Learn & Xperience Watch Here:

1:00-4:00 PM

So Harlem

(Sneaker Workshop / Open To The Public)

The Mink Building, 1361, Amsterdam Ave #340, New York, NY 10027


So Harlem sneaker design workshop with King Z3us & friends.

SNEAKER Paint ART Class by JiggaWhat JiggaWho

Community Partners: HarlemCLX, Africa Everything, ArtCrawl Harlem, byLOVEJONES CREATIVE, FOLKUS Brand, Green and Blue Eco Care, Greatness Was When...!, Habanero Papi, Harlem Haberdashery, Harlem Parade, Harlem Park To Park, iN-Hale Entertainment, Lites Out Entertainment LLC, Luna Wellness, Plugdin Inc., MEGA Dream, Realm Art, Settepani Bakery & Restaurant, So Harlem, Sugar Hill Creamery, The Future In Black, The (G)eneration Project


NYCxDESIGN Festival 2022 Promo Video: NYC Design Promo video

( Harlem Parade: promo video )

(Harlem Parade Gifts Boutique )

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