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Imagine a vivid scene where a young Michael Jordan, fresh from his UNC days, clad in a Carolina blue varsity jacket, takes to the court against his seasoned Chicago Bulls counterpart. The stitching on the jacket tells a tale of his journey, with patches representing each milestone in his career. The UNC Jordan exudes raw talent, with lightning speed and an insatiable hunger to prove himself. His moves are fluid, his jumps seem to defy gravity, and his competitive fire burns brightly. On the other hand, the Bulls Jordan, wearing his iconic red and black, exudes experience and mastery. Every step he takes is calculated, every shot precise. Their confrontation is a clash of youth and experience, each displaying their own unique style, bound by the same relentless pursuit of greatness..

Mike vs Jordan

Color: Carolina
  • Wool Carolina Blue Varsity Jacket 14oz

    Black lining heavy

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