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Meet Kyle  Mello Dixon, a trailblazing designer and artist making waves in the wearable art realm. With his company, Greatness Was When...!, Mello has revolutionized the art scene with his fresh and captivating twist. He has swiftly become one of the most sought-after talents in the industry, attracting high-profile clients such as Drake, Kylie Jenner, and Future.


Not only is Mello a master of wearable art, but he also boasts extensive experience in the sneaker industry, having collaborated with renowned brands like Puma, New Balance, and Nike. His expertise goes beyond creating visually stunning pieces, as he infuses his work with an interactive element, offering viewers and collectors a truly unique experience.

Mello's extraordinary talent has been showcased at prestigious events and galleries worldwide, including Art Basel Miami and esteemed venues in London, NYC, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. His art stands out due to its interactive nature, setting him apart from traditional artists.


In addition to his gallery exhibitions, Mello has collaborated with notable sports celebrations, notably working closely with the Philadelphia 76ers and creating commemorative artwork for special moments. His installations have graced prominent locations like the New York Yankees store front window, honoring achievements like Aaron Judge's record-breaking home runs.

Mello's accolades also include his first solo exhibit on Broadway in NYC and being featured at the inaugural Roots Picnic conference, setting the stage for the annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia.


Now, Mello embarks on his most thrilling venture yet—a mobile art gallery. This innovative concept allows him to bring his exceptional artwork to people from all walks of life, just like an ice cream truck delivering joy. With his passion and boundless creativity, Mello Dixon is poised to shape the future of the art world. Stay tuned for his next captivating creation as he continues to redefine boundaries.

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