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Young King





To see a young Michael Jackson min person may have possibly been like seeing one of the wonders of the world. His amazing dance moves and electric choreographed rhythm stood far ahead of anyone else in the entertainment business. Besides that, his voice is arguably one of the greatest sounds to ever grace earth. This combination is what makes this wooden mural so special.
The image depicts MJ on a throne, which is exactly where he should be. Behind him is an aggressive lion letting out a massive roar. MJ meanwhile sits calm in his 70's bellbottoms and silk like dress shirt. With his gator shoes shining, awaiting the perfect moment to dance, his afro so perfectly shaped and sitting position is that of a young genius in a relaxed state as to say, " you know I'm BAD". Undeniable in any argument about the greatest entertainer of all-time.
In the center of the mural are his eyes, piercing ever so charmingly in the eyes of any onlooker. Behind it all is the lining of the throne. With its seat cushion royal purple, its base ceremonious gold, and the angels delicately carved and looking over the young Jackson emerging superstar. This piece is to show the Grace over his life and to deliver that grace to the people of the world, Young King the mural delivers a blessing for eyewitnesses to be a part of such an amazing moment we all individually get to be a part of.

Accompanying the masterpiece mural are some wearable art prints that give another perspective of the Young King. With the dance machine t shirts giving a depiction of Michael and his dancing machine moves. And backed with an older Michaels' signature socks which he wore when he did his famed moonwalk, First performed in front of a live audience in 1983 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The rest of the country witnessed it for the first time in a Motown 25 tv special two months later.

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