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Young King close up

Young King

The "Young King" installation from Our Young King Collection pays homage to Michael Jackson during his early solo years. The centerpiece is a 4-foot carved wooden throne, where a teenage Michael Jackson sits with a relaxed demeanor, one leg propped up, embodying a sense of effortless cool and regal presence. The throne's vibrant purples and golds symbolize the royalty of his reign as the King of Pop, celebrating his unparalleled artistry and performance prowess.


Surrounding the throne are angels, tenderly watching over the young king, enhancing the celestial and timeless nature of his legacy. On the back of the throne, a roaring lion is carved, representing the fierce, untamed energy that Michael unleashed during his performances. This contrast between the serene and the wild captures the duality of his public persona and private self.


At the heart of the installation are Michael's eyes, crafted to reflect a gentle and innocent gaze. This poignant detail symbolizes his purity and vulnerability before the transformations and manipulations of his later years.


"Young King" is acclaimed as a true masterpiece, a masterful representation of Michael Jackson's essence. This featured piece stands as a testament to his enduring impact and legacy.

Young King wooden mixed media mural.jpg
Young King close up_edited.jpg
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