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Georgetown University has a Historical basketball background credited to Coach John Thompson. Basketball Coaching Royalty, the impact on the lives in which he graced his presence is to the likes of a stern father figure in whom you confide in and listen to. Allen Iverson was one of the lucky recipients of this type of love from Coach T. This signature artwor represents the type of relationship they had. We wanted to create an unmatched moment. We all know Iverson went on to become one of the Greatest basetball players to ever live and pound for pound #1. Also a generational icon which still influences the culture 30 years later. This is the Root cause of those historical 

moments. Here is what Allen had to say to Coach after her passing. 


"Thanks For Saving My Life Coach. I’m going to miss you, but I’m sure that you are looking down on us with a big smile. I would give anything just for one more phone call from you only to hear you say, ‘Hey MF’, then we would talk about everything except basketball.......” Iverson wrote.


“May you always Rest in Paradise, where there is no pain or suffering. I will always see your face in my mind, hoping that I made you proud. 'Your Prodigal Son.'"



Coach T & AI

  • Satin Jacket 

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